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2022 Opinion: Do You Have a Smart Thermostat as Yet


It’s a new decade with new technology, are you even living in the present time if you don’t own any of those cool gadgets as yet? We all have smartphones and smart TVs, nothing new there but have you gotten a voice assistant for your home? Some smart lights that work with your phone and voice control? Cameras of which you can watch the surveillance feed on the go?

Here’s one question: It’s 2022, are you still using an ordinary thermostat in your home or office? And if you still are, why haven’t you made the switch to smart thermostats? You’veno idea what you’re missing out on!

What’s So Great about Smart Thermostats?

Here’s a list of general features that you may find in pretty much every smart thermostat.

1. Automation

It’s no surprise that a smart thermostat will feature automation. It is a smart thermostat after all, with smart technology that your ordinary thermostat can’t compare to. So how does it bring about automation? Here’s a breakdown of some of the features that aid it.

Mobile Applications

Each smart thermostat, much like all smart devices featuresits own mobile application whichis downloadable onto our smartphones, tablets, and even some laptops for that matter. Through these apps, users can configure and set up the thermostat, and once that’s done they have access to their thermostat from these devices that have the mobile application installed. One tap and you can switch your smart thermostat on or off.

Voice-Enabled Control

Along with having mobile applications, smart thermostats also feature voice-enabled control when paired with a voice assistant like Google Assistant and Alexa.


Smart thermostats like the Google Nest Learning Thermostat and the Honeywell home thermostat include auto-adjustment features – whereby the device automatically adjusts temperatures throughout the day, based on the patterns it has picked up on.


Mobile apps open users up to a plethora of unique features as brought to you by the smart thermostat’s brand. Scheduling is one such common feature that you can find in almost all smart thermostats. Through these apps, users can set schedules around the clock for the device to follow.

This makes it easier to manage the functioning of the device, and also allows you to come back to a cozy home after a long day at work. You won’t even have to pick up the phone to switch the thermostat on if you’ve already set a schedule in place.

2. Energy Efficiency

One of the best things about smart thermostats is that with the automation and additional features that they boast, they contribute greatly to energy savings.

No Room For Carelessness

If you can control your home’s thermostat with your smartphone, there is no room left for carelessness. You never leave the home without your phone or gadgets like tablets and laptops, so even if you forgot to turn it off on your way out, you don’t have to go back home and switch it off – just use your phone!

Lower Heating and Cooling Bills

Given that you can’t be careless anymore with all the features that are at your disposal, smart thermostats are a sure way of reducing your heating and cooling bills overtime.The Google Nest Learning Thermostat for instance is known to reduce 10-12% of the home heating bill and 15% of cooling bills, according to independent studies.

Is It Worth the Money?

Smart thermostats aren’t cheap, we’ll admit that. But are they worth the money that you would pay for them? Absolutely! Not only are you entitled to pretty much all the features mentioned above and then some, but these devices are long-lasting – so you won’t have to worry about getting them replaced in a few years.

They go a long way and are also easily installable just by the way. So in the event that you’re changing homes and moving into a new place, you can easily take the device off and to your new home.

Here are 2 of the best smart thermostats that are available on the market.

1. Honeywell Home T9


The Honeywell Home T9 comes with an additional smart sensor. Smart sensors are great to install in different rooms and allow you to adjust individual room temperatures. Ideal for letting everyone feel cozy with their own personalized room temperature settings rather than one set temperature for the entire household.

2. Google Nest Learning Thermostat


Features a Home Assist option that lets the device turn itself down automatically when it notices that you’re away.

Where Can You Find These Devices

Of course, you can find smart thermostats at tech stores in your area or the mall. But we’ll save you the trouble of surveying stores and taking out time from your busy schedule to look for them. Head on over to www. first energy and browse through their Smart Home catalog. You’ll find them there. And with easy installation, should you want to call in a professional for some help, you can book an appointment with a professional on First Energy Home’s website.

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