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The pandemic is accelerating this process and increasing profits. People tend to transfer all their stuff (from work to household chores) literally into their pocket when the most important things are close at hand and available at all times. In addition, the Internet, 5G technology is developing rapidly, and data transfer speed is increasing. The world is moving more and more online.

This creates a field of opportunities and challenges for mobile and web application development. What’s the best way to start your business in development? What are the profitable and beneficial applications for a startup? And which applications are more accessible to a beginner to create? What are some great app ideas for beginners? Read on to stay up to date with the latest trends in app development.

In this article, we’ve rounded up the best mobile app and web app ideas for your startup. For convenience, we have divided all apps into 5 blocks based on their key theme: Routine, Work, Communication, Health, LeisureWhen working from home, sometimes you don’t feel like going out at all, for example, if a light bulb has burned out or the milk has run out. Plus, you don’t feel like shopping after a long day at work.

Not all favorite neighborhood stores have a website and home delivery. Even if this is the case, it is very inconvenient to go to each site separately. In addition, not all sectors update availability quickly. As a startup and developer of hands-on apps, this is where you can help.An app for ordering food and household items from nearby stores is a large-scale and worthy idea for every neighborhood in the city.

If you connect more markets, vegetable and fruit warehouses to this system, and teach sellers and storekeepers to enter in the mobile application how many kilograms of what products they have in stock, to make discounts for residents to shop in their area, then hundreds of people each will use your app. You will become a district food delivery monopoly.

Kitchen applications, food applications

Make changes to them, edit them and share them in social networks and instant messengers with your relatives and friends. Search for recipes in your library or on the internet using filters such as time per dish, ingredients, calories, etc.

A great addition to this application would be to select a recipe from the products available at home. For example, a user enters in the application the products available at his home. The application determines the most suitable formula from the database of saved recipes or simply from the TOP search engine results for keywords. Such an application will solve the problem of what to cook once and for all.

Exchange applications

People are buying more and more things. But not all items are necessary. It is not always possible to sell them profitably. This is why many are reverting to the traditional trading system. Barter apps within the same city or country are increasingly popular.

Recycling apps

It is an even more relevant topic and a forced trend in the modern world. Waste consumes our planet. But not all inhabitants of metropolises know how to proper

smart home apps

A modern person’s home is getting smarter every day, especially for new buildings. At the same time, a person has less and less time to take care of his life and less and less energy he wants to devote to it. Smart home systems and mobile apps create domestic magic.

Cost Comparison Apps

How to find and buy something cheaper without spending a lot of time surfing the Internet? This task is facilitated by an aggregator application allowing to quickly search and buy any article on the Internet. Filters allow you to classify offers by cost, promotions, delivery times, etc.

Car rental apps

Airbnb for cars.. There are enough cars on the planet. We must learn to share them. A car rental application for a day, half a day or a few days is the ideal choice for a developer. This can be a fully paid rental or car sharing with payment for fuel only. The most important thing that the developer of such an application should work on is ease of use.


The pandemic has brought humanity’s attention back to health. Now most people on the planet think about their condition, well-being and health. The medical field is developing and reforming rapidly. This is the perfect time to launch occupational health and medical apps.

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