Construction Estimating Software

Construction Estimating Software Helps Electrical Contractors Win Bids


Construction estimation software is a way for construction companies to better estimate the cost of building projects and make decisions about which company should win an electrical contractor bid. This software can be used by estimators in small, medium, or large buildings, either privately owned or commercial. These estimates are required when bidding on a construction project that is worth anywhere from several thousand dollars to millions of dollars.

Estimating utilizes data collected by the electrical contractors as well as information collected through equipment updates and inspections completed during the process of building a project. When estimating, this software collects data on actual hourly rates and total hours per day reported by employees at various reputable tools and service providers to give an accurate break down of costs for labor hours.

What is Construction Estimating Software?

Construction estimating software is specifically designed to take the guesswork out of estimating a building project and provide firms with accurate figures so they can win bids. Electrical Contractor Bidding Software is used by estimators to generate reports on cost from each project. These reports detail labor costs as well as manpower hours and materials requirements. The software also tracks every cost down to a specific level for more accurate rates at the completion of a project.

This form of estimating software makes it easier for electricians, plumbers, heating and cooling professionals, and other construction companies to quote estimate costs for jobs more easily than those who do not use this type of software. Although estimating may appear simple, there is a great deal of calculations that must be made before the software can begin generating reports. It is important to note that estimators use these reports to calculate labor and materials pricing using tools and equipment approved by the clients in order to pass on cost reduction and higher profit.

Benefits of Construction Estimating Software 

Construction estimating software allows construction companies to run multiple bids quickly because it is an accurate way for them to estimate the costs of a project. Although it does not guarantee a bid, it helps firms evaluate their competitors. This allows companies to make decisions quickly about which company will win the bid for the project, resulting in a lower cost of construction and recovery of costs.

This software is commonly used among small businesses, large construction firms and government agencies. The software is most suitable when a project is worth less than $50,000. However, the software can also be used on projects that are considered very complex or exceed $50,000 because it provides a detailed breakdown of costs. These details are key when comparing estimates because certain costs may be downplayed.

Most estimators use private accounts to run their estimates without any issues, but some contractors choose to only use estimates for big jobs instead of running them separately every time. Using the same process and setting the same price for all jobs saves time, money and reduces errors.

The software also helps contractors save a great deal of money because they are able to compare estimates in order to see which company will provide the best price on the job. The software allows estimators to look at prices provided by B2B contractors as well as those offered by private companies. Depending on the job type, different companies may quote a slightly higher or lower cost per hour than others. By looking at as many estimates as possible, estimators can select which company they feel offers the most value for their needs.

Significance of Construction Estimating Software

Estimators need construction estimating software because it allows them to quote prices for projects more accurately. This form of software also reduces workload for estimators and allows them to run multiple bids on a project. This can be especially helpful in situations where an estimator is required to have A+ certifications, ratings and licensing in order to run a job.

Construction estimating software gives contractors a competitive edge when bidding on large projects because they are able to get key information about the job at hand, such as cost factors or upgrades required. This makes it easier for contractors of all sizes to bid on larger jobs without hiring outside help.

Estimation is an important part of running a construction company because it prevents estimates from becoming unreliable due to human error.


The construction estimating software breaks down costs into manageable pieces for each bid, allowing contractors to get more work done in less time than competitors who are not using this type of software.

Construction estimating software makes it easier for contractors to submit competitive bids on complex jobs that are worth a significant amount of money because it offers them the ability to access data specific to the client, location and business they are bidding on.

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