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How Do I Sign Up for CenturyLink Internet?


Switching to a new provider or getting a new one are both equally dreadful as it is completely uncharted territory. Much like changing jobs, you need to do a complete background check and your research. Then, you need to be sure that it is the right fit for you specifically. It’s a time-taking process and can take quite a while from weeks to months.

However, as much as you dread it, at the end of the day, once you find the right fit, all that hard work is worth it. Therefore, we completely understand how time taking and difficult the process is for you, which is why we have tried to ease it for you, even if just a little.

In this article, our ISP of interest is CenturyLink and we have decided to share some tips and details with you regarding its plans, bundles, conditions & requirements, and lastly, how you can sign up for it. If you don’t know about CenturyLink, here’s a brief introduction to the provider. CenturyLink ranks as one of the top 5 internet service providers in the U.S., for both, DSL and Fiber internet. Its network spans 36 states and 4.5 million customers throughout the U.S.

With the brief intro done, let’s move on to the main part of the article. CenturyLink Internet is one of the greatest internet services in the U.S., and not without good reason. With its affordable pricing plans and value-packed bundles, CenturyLink is no doubt a popular choice for many Americans. Check out the plans and bundles in the headings below.

Internet Plans by CenturyLink

CenturyLink Internet plans can be best described as a steal! To understand what we mean, you’ll have to look at the table below. We can see both the DSL and Fiber internet plans and the conditions they entail. The data allowance for both plans is unlimited and both plans are designed to cater to different households. For people who do not require ultra-speedy internet and just want enough to keep them connected to the world around them, a DSL internet connection is the one for them.

However, if you like gaming and streaming, you need speed! Fiber internet, in that case, is the perfect internet connection for you. Not only will be able to game and stream seamlessly, but your family members can stay connected to the internet and enjoy their time surfing, gaming, scrolling through social media, etc. Although there is no chance of you exceeding the data limit with Fiber internet, you won’t have to pay a data overage fee if you do.

Internet Plan Connection type Download Speed Data Allowance Price
CenturyLink Simply Unlimited Internet DSL All speeds up to 100 Mbps

(Speed availability depends on location)

Unlimited $50/mo.
(Rate necessitates paperless billing. Additional fees, taxes, and surcharges also apply)
CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit Fiber Up to 940 Mbps
(Speed availability depends on location, maximum download/upload speeds achievable via a wired connection)
Unlimited $65/mo.
(Rate necessitates paperless billing. Additional fees, taxes, and surcharges also apply)

Bundles by CenturyLink

The CenturyLink internet plans are great, but what if we told you things can get better with CenturyLink bundles? That’s right! CenturyLink bundles are another reason for popularity of CenturyLink across the U.S., and it is because they are reasonable and come with a bonus: You get to save on the phone service! Not only that, but it also saves you from the hassle of paying ‘separate’ bills each month. With CenturyLink bundles, you get to pay for your telephone and internet service together at pretty affordable rates.

Take a look at the table to see the features of the phone service and price of the bundles. Note that these bundles are internet + phone service.

While a lot of people don’t use home phones anymore, there are still many who do. The reason for that is simply because it’s simpler to use and depending on your service provider, it can have a lot of useful features. While you can use your smartphones, you will need to recharge your balance every few calls. With a home phone, you can call anyone anywhere and not have to charge after every 2-3 calls. You pay the bill once and you enjoy unlimited talk time for the whole month. Of course, the “unlimited” part depends on the service provider. And CenturyLink happens to be one of them!

CenturyLink Bundles Connection type Price Key Features
CenturyLink Simply Unlimited Internet + Simply Unlimited Phone DSL $90/mo.
(Additional fees, taxes, and surcharges also apply, rate excluding CTL fees)
Nationwide unlimited calling with additional features like caller ID, call tracing, call waiting, voicemail, blocking unwanted calls, and more.
CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit + Simply Unlimited Phone Fiber $105/mo.
(Additional fees, taxes, and surcharges also apply, rate excluding CTL fees)
Nationwide unlimited calling with additional features like caller ID, call tracing, call waiting, voicemail, blocking unwanted calls, and more.

How to Sign Up For Centurylink Internet?

Having checked out the plans and bundles, now we will move to the part where you learn how to sign up for CenturyLink Internet. There are three steps to follow and they’re all very simple.

Check Centurylink Availability

First, you will need to check CenturyLink’s availability. Which states and cities can you find it in commonly? What areas is it available to in your city? Luckily for you, CenturyLink is widely available to a lot of people in America. Just like we mentioned before, its network spans 36 states. Some of these states are Arizona, Alabama, Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Nebraska, and more. To check whether it is available in your state, go onto the website and check the available areas. Or, simply take a look at the list given below.

·        Alabama

·        Arkansas

·        Arizona

·        Colorado

·        Florida

·        Georgia

·        Iowa

·        Idaho

·        Illinois

·        Indiana

·        Kansas

·        Louisiana

·        Michigan

·        Minnesota

·        Missouri

·        Mississippi

·        Montana

·        North Carolina

·        North Dakota

·        Nebraska

·        New Jersey

·        New Mexico

·        Nevada

·        Ohio

·        Oklahoma

·        Oregon

·        Pennsylvania

·        South Carolina

·        South Dakota

·        Tennessee

·        Texas

·        Utah

·        Virginia

·        Washington

·        Wisconsin

·        Wyoming

One more thing worth mentioning here is that CenturyLink Fiber is only available to some areas within some states. To check whether it might be available in your area or not, refer to the following table.

State City
Colorado Boulder
Missouri Columbia
Jefferson City
Florida Ocala
The Villages
Fort Myers
Cape Coral
Arizona Phoenix
Washington Spokane
Wisconsin La Crosse
Idaho Idaho falls
Nevada Las Vegas
Minnesota Minneapolis
St. Paul
Nebraska Omaha
Oregon Portland
Utah Salt Lake City

  1. Check Features of CenturyLink

Once you have established whether CenturyLink is available in your area, the next thing to do is to check the additional features of the plan or bundle to see if it is what you want. When we say features, we mean download and upload speed, connection type, plans and prices, and equipment. The reason we ask you to check these is because some speeds might not be available in certain areas, just like some plans might not be available.

  1. Place Your Order

The final step is placing your order. You can call CenturyLink customer service at 1-855-349-9310 or you can directly purchase from our website. You will also need to discuss further details for installation with the agent themselves.

Concluding words

So, what do you think? Are you planning to sign up for CenturyLink Internet? Or are you going to survey the market some more to see what others are offering as well? Whether you’re planning to do the former or the latter, you can do both of them at BuyTVInternetPhone. Once you click on the link, you can see the main webpage, from where you can choose any service provider of your interest and dive into their plans and pricing. You can compare different service providers against each other or against CenturyLink only, whichever you want. Then, choose the one you want and sign up! And if you don’t want to compare, you can just right away purchase CenturyLink’s plans fromthere.

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