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What Are The Benefits Of Email Validation?


Email validation is just as the name suggests. It is the process of confirming the validity and existence of an email. In short, email validation involves checking if the mail you send will reach someone, that is, ensuring that the address is deliverable. It should have a valid domain such as Gmail. A quick process will be done through which any typos, incorrect syn taxes or other such errors, validate your email.

Why is email validation important?

Email validation is an extremely useful technique to simplify your mass emailing procedures. You do not need to do it continuously, but it is a good idea to do it if you add new recipients to your mailing list or you get low open rates.

Here are some of the main reasons why you must go through the process of email validation when it is needed:

  • There are some typos or syntax errors, such as incorrect spelling or additional spaces. Such errors make emails invalid and email validation helps you do just that.
  • New emails are being added to the email list. Through email validation, you can verify the validity of those email addresses.
  • The emails could potentially have an nonexistent domain. Email validation helps remove those emails with deleted domains.

How Does Email Validation Benefit Me?

Below are the top 5 benefits of regularly going through the process of email validation:

1. Detects temporary accounts –

Email validation can help you detect temporary email addresses and remove them later on when they no longer exist. At first, when you take these addresses and add them to your mailing list, you can’t tell yourself if they are fake or temporary. However, this is exactly what an email validator helps you accomplish.

2. Reducing spam complaints–

It can help you with getting rid of spam complaints and preventing fraud. Email validation helps in finding such email addresses that are marking your emails as spam too often, as these receivers can damage your reputation as a sender. Thus, you can remove such accounts from your mailing list.

3. Reducing bounce rate–

It can help you get rid of hard bounces which usually happen due to fake or closed email addresses. In the case of your bounce rate being higher than expected, your reputation can suffer greatly. Therefore, email validation helps in weeding out the mail addresses that no longer exist.

4. Increases your ROI–

Email validation can help you make more money for your organisation. This is done by reducing your bounce rates. Since there is a price for every mail, a low bounce rate can have an immensely positive impact on your ROI. Every single email adds up a lot. Thus, it is important to regularly update your mailing list and only have valid emails on there.

5. Helps you avoid penalties –

When you get one too many email bounces, your service provider may start giving you warnings and eventually start penalizing you. To avoid such penalties, email validation is performed. This helps remove spam complaints and bounces, such that you have a clean mailing list.


In this article, we have talked about why email validation & hygiene is important to a successful mailing campaign. Make sure to go through the process whenever required to avail the benefits mentioned above.

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