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What Investment Apps Do Investors Choose To Invest In Stocks?


Investment apps increased peoples’ access to investing. The top investment apps give you access to a wide range of investment alternatives as well as the ability to track your holdings from anywhere. They offer cutting-edge charting and research tools so you can quickly assess performance and place orders. But with all the apps offering similar capabilities, picking the best investment app can be a real challenge. There are several things to consider, such as:

  • Your level of experience
  • Your investment strategy
  • The amount of investment you want to make
  • Fees
  • Service to clients
  • kind of accounts

Let us look at the factors based on which one can choose a good investment app.

Charges and commissions

Discounts on commission are among the most alluring advantages that a stock trading app should provide. This is helpful since it prevents the deduction of money from your returns because of the commissions a stockbroker may charge. Additionally, because of the 0 fees featured in some apps, the funds often used for agent commissions get added to your final returns. This makes up to an additional return of 1% or so, which is a good deal.

Easy asset selection

A proper categorisation of the securities featured on the application is very much a necessity. This helps investors choose the best ones concerning the financial objectives, level of risk tolerance, and length of the investment. Additionally, the app should offer a variety of investment themes that will enable investors to quickly purchase their favourite combination. You should be able to find everything here, in one location, from tax savings to long or short-term investments.

Data protection

The stock trading app needs to be on a secure server to protect your money from online scams. In order to make the process of buying and selling seamless, the money should be transferred directly from your bank to the demat or trading accounts. In a similar manner, the money should be transferred directly to the linked bank account without any third-party access when you make a withdrawal.


Start by learning the foundations of online investing if you’re a beginner. You might need to grasp the definitions of common terms like ETF, ISA, and SIPP, the distinction between share trading and currency trading; and the advantages and disadvantages of futures.  On the investment apps you should get stock analysis and market analysis tutorials. Look for investment platforms that have set up their own training centres with a wealth of relevant information to show how much they value their customers.  

Tools and educational materials

Finding a stock trading app that provides free instructional tools like live webinars, in-depth how-to manuals, video lessons, glossaries, and more may be the ideal option if you’re new to investing. Furthermore, if you are eager to learn complex trading methods like options, make careful to examine just how much the brokerage assists its clients in understanding the hazards of such tactics. This could entail assistance through a live chat feature, an on-call customer care team, or detailed instructions.  

Offers and Promotions

It’s fantastic if a broker has both what you require plus a welcome offer. A welcome offer can result in saving a handsome amount of bucks for you. Several stock trading apps give promotional offers like advance funds to execute the first few orders.  

A one such excellent app is IIFL Markets App offered by IIFL Securities. IIFL Securities is a market leader in financial services, providing a whole range of services. Now let’s see what it offers you on their app. 


A IIFL Markets App Invest account is simple to open online or using the app. It provides step-by-step directions to help you get started. The entire account opening and setup process is completely digital. So, you need not worry about wasting a lot of time visiting a broker’s office.  If required, you may upload a copy of your driver’s licence, passport, bank statement, or electricity bill online on the app itself. 

Seamless Investing experience

Beginners can use the IIFL Markets App Invest web trading platform. It is neat and well-organised. Yet, it contains the functions and resources that more seasoned traders and investors commonly employ. You can customise it as per your requirements. The current price is available on a watchlist that you can make. It can also show symbols and a chart summary. When it comes to placing orders, you can only place market orders as well as limit orders. The IIFL Markets App supports stop limit, tail, conditional, and time-limit orders too.

Variety of assets to invest in

You can invest in a range of assets like stocks, ETFs, fractional shares, with IIFL Markets App. The lineup includes mutual funds, fixed income, commodity, futures & options, and even forex trading. IIFL Markets App offers commission-free trading on equities and ETFs. So, you can download the IIFL Markets app and kickstart your investments.

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