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Best SMS Marketing Software and Platforms in 2022.?


Almost everyone uses a mobile phone on a regular basis these days, which makes SMS the ideal platform for marketing products and services to customers. But how do you know which software to choose?

sms marketing

With dozens of high-quality SMS marketing platforms and software   available in 2022, you can easily design, send, and track automated campaigns. The best SMS marketing software platforms offer a variety of features and integrations that make your life easier, such as drip campaign SMS, opt-in/opt-out management, A/B testing and transparent reporting.

To help you find the best SMS marketing software time tracking software for your needs,  business2 community  has compiled a list of our top picks comparing prices, features, and integrations. We’ll take a look!

To be on par with big brands and big budget companies, small businesses need marketing software that can deliver their message effectively without breaking the bank.

That’s why we chose Sendinblue as our top choice for SMS marketing software; it’s an all-in-one solution that offers powerful marketing automation features at an affordable price.

Sendinblue lets you easily create and send beautiful SMS campaigns, and it also provides a host of other powerful marketing features such as automated email marketing, CRM, and live chat functionality.

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We’ve reviewed the best SMS marketing software to help you run your SMS marketing campaigns. The top 15 software has fantastic automation tools and time-saving templates, is easy to use, affordable, and offers a free trial to get you started.

Below is a list of the best SMS marketing platforms reviewed based on feature set, price, and benefits.

Sendinblue is a cloud-based digital marketing tool best suited for small businesses that want to increase their reach through email automation and social media platforms, like Facebook. It is a fully functional marketing and sales tool that will help you send newsletters, email campaigns, and even automated trigger messages like welcome emails.

Additionally, users have access to pre-made templates for their newsletter subscriptions, as well as a chat function on your website and CRM, which includes data from social media sites like Facebook.

You can also send your urgent communications directly to your customers’ phones. This can be done using its API,  Marketing Automation ,  or any of the platform’s plugins to set up transactional SMS for purchase confirmations, shipping updates, and more.

Attentive – Best SMS Marketing App to Improve Your ROI

Attentive allows users to send automated personalized messages, which are triggered by specific actions or behaviors. It does this by analyzing user behavior data and creating real-time dynamic content that is sent via SMS or push notifications.

This highly functional platform can be integrated with most of the tools you currently use, such as Shopify, Mixpanel, and Salesforce. And as if that weren’t enough, the platform offers litigation defense and audit tracking tools to keep you compliant with anti-spam laws.

Birdeye is an SMS-based customer feedback management system that helps business owners gain insights into customer satisfaction and loyalty. It does this by collecting reviews and ratings from customers who have interacted with your business online, whether through social media, your website, or email.

This data can then be used to create targeted marketing campaigns that improve customer loyalty and drive more sales. Additionally, in its campaign section, you can automate promotion and review request messages that are sent to customers based on certain conditions, such as when they make a purchase or leave a positive review.

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